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The town of Weweldeniya is situated in the Western Province of Sri Lanka’s Gampaha District. It is located roughly 45 kilometres east of Colombo, the nation’s capital. Weweldeniya is surrounded by mountains and hills of lush greenery and is well recognised for its beautiful beauty. The town is also home to a number of ancient temples, including the Buddhist pilgrimage site Weweldeniya Rajamaha Viharaya. Weweldeniya is also renowned for its agricultural output, which includes tea, rubber, and spices. The town has a train station, making it simple for travellers from different regions of Sri Lanka to travel there by train.

Cane Market

People can see furniture and other things for the home in this area. These are made of cane and “pan.”A traditional Sri Lankan business.

Samadhi Pilimaya

Samadhi Buddha statue is on top of a rock mountain at weweldeniya, which is about 1 km from the main road between Kandy and Colombo.

Rock Climbing

Andagahanagala is close to our Office, and you can enjoy climbing to this rock and Mountain walking from our premises. It’s a great place to unwind, and you can breathe fresh air from the top.


Kajugama is well-known for its cashew marketing. Throughout the area, ladies sell cashew hanging hands to passing vehicles on the colombo kandy.

National Replica Centre

This is the only state-run organization in the nation that guarantees genuine, quality artefact copies.

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