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This charming town with oodles of history and interesting sites is a great escape from the touristy south, sitting prettily on a remarkable natural harbour on Sri Lanka’s north-east coast. Trincomalee has a lot to offer discerning travellers, from ancient temples and forts to breathtaking beaches, coves, and a maritime museum. There is no shortage of places to visit in Trincomalee, whether you seek solace at the tranquil Buddhist viharas and Hindu temples or unravel marine mysteries at the fascinating Pigeon Island. So put on your travel boots, sprinkle some wanderlust, and come along with us as we discover the best places to visit in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka.


This revered temple, located atop
a cliff inside Fort Fredrick, was undoubtedly one of the first sites to be
checked off the Trincomalee tourist map. This important Hindu pilgrimage site
with Darvidian architecture is thought to be one of the Panch Ishwarams (five
Shiva abodes) with a swayambhu lingam. The shrine exudes sacred energy and is
an excellent place to seek solace in the divine presence. This magnificent
temple, surrounded by magnificent views of the Indian Ocean, is at the top of
our list of places to visit in Trincomalee.

2.Fort Frederick

When visiting Trincomalee, this important historical
landmark with an imposing entrance is a must-see for history and nature
enthusiasts. While the history is fascinating, the presence of free-roaming
spotted deer adds to the charm of this fort. Fort Fredrick, built by the Portuguese,
is partially under military occupation and also houses a famous Buddhist vihara
and a sacred Hindu temple. The breathtaking sunsets and panoramic views of
Trincomalee Bay and Town make the visit truly worthwhile. You can take a
tuk-tuk to the fort and shop for trinkets at the stalls inside.

3.Pathirakali Amman Temple

The spectacular gopuram of this
Kali temple, with its vibrant colours and myriad sculptures, draws your
attention from afar, while the unique interiors captivate you. This popular Durga
temple in the city’s heart, also known as the Kali Kovil, exudes the goddess’s
powerful and benevolent presence. With its colourfully adorned walls and
spiritual vibes, this Trincomalee temple is sure to take your breath away.

4.Velgam Vehera

This ancient Buddhist site with a
modern-day monastery is one of the best places to visit in Trincomalee and is
ideal for a couple of quiet hours. Strolling through the remains of this
ancient Budhist temple built by King Devanamiyatissa in a beautiful setting
among tall trees and lawns is a calming experience. The original crystalline
Buddha statue still stands tall and is a sight to behold, while the new
monastery provides a peaceful setting for meditation. The ruins, with their
intriguing inscriptions, and the magnificent jungle that surrounds them make
this a worthwhile visit.

5.Uppuveli & Nilaveli Beaches

These two pristine palm-fringed
beaches north of Trincomalee are ideal for a lazy, rejuvenating day by the sea.
Uppuveli has powdery white sand, clear emerald waters, and a relaxing beach
vibe, as well as restaurants serving delicious Sri Lankan cuisine. This relaxed
haven is ideal for swimming, whale watching, volley-ball, or simply relaxing by
the sea. Nilaveli beach is further north, larger, calmer, and completely
unspoiled by tourism. When you’ve exhausted all of the places to visit on the
Trincomalee map, head to these beautiful beaches to unwind.

6.PigeonIsland National Park

The pristine and beautiful Pigeon Island National Park off
the coast of Nilaveli is a great getaway from the city and is without a doubt
one of the best places to visit near Trincomalee. The national park, which
consists of two small islands, is home to endangered rock pigeons, vibrant
marine life, and stunning rock formations. The powdery white sands, glittering
rock pools, and shallow turquoise waters make this a memorable trip, and there
is plenty of snorkelling right off the beach.

7.Seruwila Mangala Raja Maha Vihara

This temple, one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka,
is one of the most important places to visit in Trincomalee for spiritually
inclined visitors. King Kavantissa originally built the 2nd century stupa,
which houses Lord Buddha’s sacred frontal bone. Every year, thousands of
devotees flock to this sacred Buddhist Vihara to pay their respects and seek
the enlightened one’s blessings. Visit the new complex with a massive Buddha
statue; remember to dress modestly and remove your footwear.

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