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Leisure Living Homestay Traditional Kitchen

We are a Sri Lankan Traditional Kitchen managed by Leisure Living Resort that was founded to provide the best Sri Lankan experience to foreign nationals visiting Sri Lanka to learn about its culture and traditions. Sri Lanka has a rich culinary heritage, and traditional kitchens vary depending on local ingredients, cooking methods, and cultural influences and Some regional variations of traditional Sri Lankan food preparation. Come and Enjoy Authentic Sri Lankan Cooking Methods by experiencing how they are prepared.

Enjoy an authentic and entertaining cooking demonstration while eating a traditional Sri Lankan a meal. There is many options from which to choose, depending on the moment and the mood. Learn by doing while working with a capable local the kitchen staff who will help preserve the food’s nutritional value and authentic flavor, making it not just an enjoyable experience but also gets Sri Lankan

Leisure Living Homestay Traditional Kitchen

Traditional Cooking Methods

Clay pot cooking

Clay pot cooking is a traditional method of cooking that has been used for centuries in Sri Lanka. It involves cooking food in a clay pot, which is made from natural clay that is found in the region. Clay pot cooking is believed to be a healthier way of cooking because it allows food to cook slowly and evenly, without the need for added fats or oils.

Firewood cooking

Firewood cooking is a traditional method of cooking in Sri Lanka that has been used for centuries. In many rural areas, families still use firewood as their primary cooking fuel due to limited access to modern energy sources such as electricity or gas.

Grinding and pounding

Pounding is a method of using a wooden or stone pestle to crush and flatten ingredients, such as grains or vegetables. This technique is used to make dishes like hoppers and string hoppers, which are popular Sri Lankan breakfast items. The rice flour dough for these dishes is pounded to a smooth consistency before being steamed or fried.


Coconut milk extraction

The coconut milk is typically used in curries, soups, and other dishes. It can also be used to make coconut cream, which is made by simmering thick coconut milk until it thickens and the oil separates.

Banana leaf cooking

Banana leaf cooking is an important part of Sri Lankan cuisine and is deeply rooted in the country's traditional cooking methods. The process involves using banana leaves as a natural wrapper to cook food, usually rice and curries, resulting in a unique and distinctive flavor.

Charcoal grilling

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Taste of Tradition: Exploring Classic Dishes and Traditional Utensils

 "Taste of Tradition" explores classic dishes and cherished utensils that have shaped cultures and palates for generations. The journey celebrates heritage through flavors, textures, and stories, with dishes tracing their origins and evolution. 

Traditional utensils, such as iron skillets, mortar, pestle, and wooden spoons, bear witness to the art of cooking. The album pays tribute to the culinary wisdom of our ancestors, reminding us that every bite carries the legacy of those who came before us.


Leisure Living Homestay Traditional Kitchen