Festivals held throughout the year in Sri Lanka that you shouldn’t miss

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Sri Lanka is an ancient civilization island with a colorful festival legacy associated with Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and Christian religions. Here’s how things go throughout the year:

Festival & Events in Sri Lanka


Every Full moon day in Sri Lanka is called POYA DAY. The Buddhists have their holiday by visiting the temple. They are here for religious discussion.  In the year they have 12 poya days each POYADAY having special life events of Lord Buddha & Buddhism.

1st POYA DAY, called DURUTHU POYA is commemorates the Buddha’s 1st of 3 visit of Sri Lanka. KELANIYA TEMPLE nearby Colombo is celebrating this as a PERAHERA, this is the symbolic itinerary in Sri Lankan tradition. In this PERAHERA you can see the array of Traditional DANCERS, DRUMMERS, WHIP-CRACKERS, ACROBATS and ENROBED ELEPHANTS.

THAI PONGAL is the Hindu harvest festival. it is celebrating the 14th of January in Hindu homes. They do cook tradition sweet rice called PONGAL, involves special floor motifs with the floor.


Sri Lankans celebrate their INDEPENDENCE DAY that Sri Lankans defeated Great Britain in 1948 February 04 and get independence.


The most important religious occasion for Hindus falls in late February or early March of the year. POOJA’s are held during the day and can be seen by visiting.

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Sri Lankans New year occurs usually on the 13the and 14th of April, it’s a non-religious festival celebrated by all Sri Lankans. They have precious time to cook, Eat.& Ganu-Denu meaning of “Give & Take” in which money exchange.  in this period their families, communities get together Play Traditional Games like KOTTA PORA, PANCHA,


The most important day for Buddhist people is VESAK POYA.  Which marks Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment, and Passing away (PARINIRWANA). People do flashing light Bulbs, Giving DANSAL (Free foods & Drinks for all) stinking VESAK Decorations & Paper Lanterns.


POSON POYA is second in importance after VESAK festival. It’s to commemorate Introducing Buddhism to Sri Lanka in BC 247.  The focus this festival is the ancient capital of the country, Anuradhapura & Mountainous Mihinthale Temple (Reached by 1840 Steps)


Kandy Esala Perahera, is the Sri Lankan’s Most Prominent festival in late July & early August in Kandy. The Perehera origins date back to 3rd Century BC. all these festival is regarding Dalada Maligawa (Temple of Tooth)  Where kept at the Sacred tooth relic of the Buddha. Thousands of Local & Foreign visitors come kandy for this 10 days Dazzling festival,

Katharagama is brough to life with the unique annual Esala Perahara Festival, Many Hindus make their pilgrimage to Katharagama on this season (10 Days), not only Hindus but Buddhists, Muslims, & some Christians also honor this Katharagama God. These festivals include Walking barefoot atop hot coals and spearing themselves with hooks.

Munneshwaram Temple in Chillaw is another focus of celebration for Hindus in July as they celebrate with fire-working in devotion to lord Shiva.

Nallur festival in Jaffana in the island’s longest festival as long as 25 days. drumming, Dancing held in honor of the war God Skanda.


Hindu Festival Deepavali (Festival of Lights) celebrates an aspect of the epic poem, the Ramayana – Homecoming of Hero the indian Prince Rama, the Legend of Ramayana, Sri lankans welcoming Rama by celebrating it.


December is the Sri Pada Pilgrimage season (Adam’s Peak) which lasts until Sri Lankan new year (Mid of April) Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim & Christian pilgrims ascend the 2232m mountain to the temple that bears the “Footprint” of the “Lord Buddha” some are warship it as  Lord Shiva or Adam to the different beliefs

The Magical Experience in the Sri Lanka will lift your spirits and become a feast for your eyes..!! Come and explore the wonders..!!.

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