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Take pleasure in the genuine hospitality offered by a green hotel as you take pleasure in the experience of staying there.
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Take advantage of a luxurious experience at such an affordable price.
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Participate in activities such as Rock Climbing, Mountain Walking, and Camping on the Host Property.
Enjoy Traditional Sri Lankan Meals
We are the best when it comes to traditional Sri Lankan meals, which may be served in a "Gami Gedara" setting for an enhanced cultural experience of Sri Lanka.

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Enjoy your stay with our eco-hotel

We, Leiusre Living Resort, are an environmentally friendly hotel with four deluxe rooms and enough parking. Each of our rooms has direct access to the outside. To reduce our environmental effect, we adhere to sustainability practices.

You may do Badminton, Chess, Carrom, swimming in the mini pool as a leisure activity, and also Mountain climbing and Rock climbing if you want to have an adventure, and camping can be organized on the top of the mountain. Traditional Sri Lankan Foods can be enjoyed in a Traditional Clay House surrounded by a Vegetable Garden. In addition, we provide Traditional Cooking Training Sessions. In our Garden, you can find a mini Spice garden


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We provide a variety of services and amenities

We are committed to delivering excellent service and offer a variety of amenities, some of which are complimentary while others need an additional fee.
please don't hesitate to get in touch with us about anything at all.

A tour organization in leisure travel plans and executes group tours and travel packages for clients, coordinating transportation, accommodations, activities, and other logistics to create a seamless travel experience. They also provide a tour guide to accompany the group, answer questions, and ensure everything runs smoothly. Effective tour organization is essential to providing a memorable and enjoyable travel experience, and can help travel agencies build a strong reputation and customer base.


During your trip to Sri Lanka, take advantage of the chance to mountain bike through the city of Weweldeniya  and the surrounding countryside. The best routes and information about all the magnificent places are provided by your very own English-speaking bike guide. Take a break from your hectic travel schedule to engage in some healthy activity while taking in the crisp mountain air and the verdant rural area. This is a special and enjoyable opportunity to see Sri Lanka in a brand-new way.


Our ceylon leisure travel provides all the facilities for camping arrangement. The camping trip can be combined with various water sports, such water rafting, bird watching, and hiking to waterfalls, among others. The same idea may be applied to a jungle safari, which is an equally exhilarating experience. Additionally, because it is situated directly in the middle of a jungle, you can plainly hear the sounds of the animals.

Our tradishanal kitchen has been built and there are spices vegetables around. Meals can be prepared at any time.

You can buy fresh vegetables and spices right from our garden. And there are beautiful souvenirs to buy, ‘all these things are good for the environment as well as for your body’. Shops have been arranged here to dig in the garden and pick what you want.

Vegetables and fruits grown at home using organic fertilizers can be eaten very deliciously.  Without spice, it’s simple to find delectable cuisine. 

Most of the necessary things for our resort are obtained from the people of this village. Then their income will increase. For example, buying the fish needed for the resort from  People who sells fish. And we have removed the garbage from this resort in an orderly manner. Use glass clay pots instead of plastic. Also, electricity is recovered by consuming solar energy.

Climbing the mountain near  leisure resort and trekking in Weweldeniya village will be done here.

Sustainability Hotel

Our hotel uses Eco-friendly maintenance, services, logistics, commodities, and supplies to minimize its environmental effect. Reducing waste, conserving energy, and using less water is the utmost priority. help rescue our planet.

Homely Welcome

Our staff is kind and eager to assist, creating an atmosphere that is both comfortable and familiar, perfect for engaging in shared cultural activities.

Traditional Kitchen

We are pleased to announce that we are promoting authentic Sri Lankan cuisine in the same manner as colonial-era Sri Lankans using a Sri Lankan clay kitchen. If you're interested, we offer cooking classes at a very affordable charge.
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Absolutely great place to have a stay when arriving on Sri Lanka. The home and surroundings are lovely, with a lot of flora and fauna which is extremely well kept by the owners of the home (we saw flying foxes, monkeys, a mongoose and a lot of reptiles). On top of that, the food is amazing, we couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to the country. They also offer tours in the surrounding areas which are fun to do! – Julia Hummel  From Netherlands

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service possible to all of our guests.

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