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Kitulgala is one of small town situated in the west of Sri Lanka. If you look around the city of Colombo, look out for an adventurous lounge, Kitulgala is an ideal place. There are several camps within the Kitulgala jungle. White Water Ravens, Bird Watch, Juggle Wall, River Bath and many more adventurous activities. Staying in one night is so close to Colombo that you can enjoy white water watching, bird watching, jogging, historic caves, diving in the river, waterfalls, adventure jumping and natural ponds, rain forests, Waterfall Aching, Mountain biking etc.

  • White Water Rafting in Kelani River

The amazing experience White Water Rafting in the Kelani River is very picturesque activity is for anyone above the age of 10 years and it may be a memorable Experience during challenging recreational activity and an exhilarating water sport Tour in Kitulagala.

  • Flat Water Rafting in Kelani River

It is the ideal experience of going through the river on a float few gentle rapids, jumped and swam as the boat was moving, it is very suitable for people who cannot do the white water rafting.

  • Water Fall Abseiling

An ideal adventure activity to test your confidence, the intense and powerful feeling of the water combined with the fact that you are hanging on a rope and that there is nothing but water beneath and above, will give adrenalin push like you have never experienced before.

  • Water Fall Trekking

A close view of incredible scenery of a waterfall can be feel in Kitulgala also mainly focused in view of stunningly beautiful waterfalls hidden inside the rain forests.

  • Birds Watching

Get the result in you seeing many of the country’s endemic bird species such as Sri Lanka Orange-billed babbler and chestnut-backed owlet, as well as reptiles such as green pit viper and earless lizard and a variety of butterflies as a nature lover.

  • Cycling & Walking Trails

You can get the memorable experience uphill and Downhill Mountain Cycling/Biking through the covering Tea Estates, Rubber Estates and other scenic locations, towns and sleepy hamlets which is a great way to experience the sceneries and the local village lifestyles. 

  • Confidence jump & Stream Slides

The trek to natural rock pools and waterfalls of kataran-Oya” contains seven natural pools which are extremely beautiful and a gift of nature where you will be able to experience Sliding down an inclined water fall with safety gear in to the rock pool, A confidence jump with safety to beautiful natural rock pool and Swimming in the cool and clean waters of the rain forest.

  • River Expeditions

Mahaweli, Kelani and Kalu, River Expeditions offer raft, canoe, and kayak access to the natural areas along the Rivers. These wooded and open natural areas shelter a variety of native plants and animal life such as endemic, Native and migrant birds and contain many other features like historic bridges and river crossings and Elephant corridors. Raft travel is the easiest way to visit these areas.

  • Adventure based training programs

These programmes which operate mainly through Adventure Activities are capable of aligning people to the corporate goals, vision and mission, by disclosing their hidden potential and capabilities. The Programmes will help the participants to broaden their horizons, and to contribute their best to the organization, thereby helping to achieve national development. These programs will certainly support the development of the organization and of the country as a whole, as they are aimed at developing the skills and potential of the participants.

  • City Tour 

Kitulgala is a Rain Forest patch which attracts many resident and foreign tourists for its natural beauty. Kitulgala is a village of lush vegetation. Numerous varieties of Bananas together with other fruits and vegetable are grown in the village of Kitulgala. The restaurants and Hotels at Kitulgala are famous for traditional Sinhalese rice and curry supplemented by the dessert of curd sweetened with Kitul palm honey.

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