Jungle Tracking

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Sri Lanka is a country known for its lush green jungles and diverse wildlife. Jungle tracking, also known as jungle trekking or jungle hiking, is a popular activity among locals and tourists alike. It allows you to explore the beauty of Sri Lanka’s natural landscapes while getting up close and personal with its flora and fauna.

Here are some of the best places for jungle tracking in Sri Lanka:

  1. Sinharaja Forest Reserve: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the last remaining rainforests in Sri Lanka. It is home to a variety of endemic species of birds, mammals, insects, and plants. The trekking trails in Sinharaja are well-maintained and offer a unique opportunity to explore the forest’s biodiversity.
  1. Knuckles Mountain Range: This mountain range is located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka and offers some of the most scenic trekking routes in the country. The Knuckles trekking trail takes you through dense forests, grasslands, and rocky terrain, providing stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  1. Horton Plains National Park: This national park is located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka and is famous for its cloud forests, grasslands, and endemic species of wildlife. The trek to World’s End, a sheer cliff with a 1,000-meter drop, is a highlight of the park.
  1. Yala National Park: This park is located in the southeast of Sri Lanka and is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including elephants, leopards, and crocodiles. The trekking trails in Yala take you through thick jungle and along the coast, offering glimpses of the park’s wildlife.
  1. Udawalawe National Park: This park is located in the south of Sri Lanka and is famous for its large population of elephants. The trekking trails in Udawalawe take you through open grasslands and forests, providing opportunities to spot elephants, deer, and other wildlife.

When planning your jungle tracking adventure in Sri Lanka, it’s important to choose a reputable guide or tour operator to ensure your safety and minimize your impact on the environment. Additionally, it’s essential to respect the local culture and customs and to leave no trace behind when you leave. With proper planning and respect for the environment, jungle tracking in Sri Lanka can be an unforgettable experience.

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