This is a small town located 200 kilometers east of Colombo.in Badulla District. It is a cool climate and it has a rich biodiversity. There are large number of flora and fauna.  Ella is the perfect place to go to if one wants to refresh.

Things To Do

01 Little Adams Peak

It is about 1141 m in height. There is a similarity between Adams Peak and Little Adams Peak so this mountain also called Little Adams Peak.


02 Ella Rock

Ella rock is a well-known hiking place in Ella. When you reached the peak of this rock you will get some panoramic views in Sri Lanka.


03 Diyaluma Falls

It is about 220m in height and it is the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and a perfect spot for a full-day adventure.


04 Ravana Waterfall

This is one of the wonderful waterfall in Ella and this waterfall measures approximately 25 m in height.


05 Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

This nine arch bridge is one of the best examples of colonial-era railway construction and total length 300ft, 25 widths and 80ft in height.


06 Liptons Seat

This is located in 18km away from Haputale and the most famous viewpoint 1970 above sea level.


07 Ravana’s cave

This is located 2km away from Ella town and the ancient said that this cave is used King Rawana to hide the princess Sitha.

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