Anuradhapura is one of the greatest monastic city of North Central Province and one of the eight World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka. According to the history Anuradhapura was founded in the 5th century. According to carbon dating, the ruins excavated were from the 10th century BC.


Things to do

01 Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi

Sri Maha Bodhiya one of the most sacred tree in Mahamewna Gardens, and it is said that the southern branch of this brought from Bodh Gaya in India.


02 Isurumuniya

Located near Tissa wewa and there are the Isurmuniya Lovers, Elephant Pond, and The Royal Family.


03 Rathna Prasada Guard Stone

This beautiful guard stones of the Abhayagiri Viharaya was built by King Kanittha Tissa in the 8th and 10th centuries.


04 Kuttam Pokuna (Twin Ponds)

One of the pair pools or twin pools in ancient time were built by people in the past and belongs to Abayagiri ceramic complex and probably been used by the monks for bathing.


05 Ruwanweliseya Stupa

This wondrous stupa was built by King Dutugemunu and it is considered sacred to many Buddhists all over the world.


06 Moonstone of Abhayagiri Vihara

This is one of the greatest structure in the ancient world. Try to see how many animals there are in the stone.


07 Gal Palama (Stone Bridge)

Located close to Kuttam Pokuna and this was laid across Yoda Ala and Malwathu Oya and they are laid across rows of three stone pillars.


08 Samadhi Buddha

Samadhi Buddha statue is a well-known statue and was found in1886 at Mahamena Park. This statue is 7 feet 3 inches in height and carved from dolomite marble.


09 Mihinthale

This pilgrimage site situated in Approximately 12.5 km (7.8 mi) east of Anuradhapura. It is said that this is the place Mahinda Buddhist monk and king Dewanampiyathissa considered the cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.


10 Sandahiru Seya

This sthupa was built to respect and to commemorate the people who died people who died because of the civil war happened almost 30 years.


11 Eth Pokuna (Elephant Pond)

Situated close to Lankaramaya and it is 159 meters in length 52.7 meters across and 9.5 meters in depth.


12 Lankarama Dageba

This Dageba was built by King Valagamba and the ruins show that there are rows of stone pillars and it is no doubt that there has been a house built encircling the stupa to cover it.


13 Vessagiriya

It is located about half a mile south of Isurumuniya. This monastery cave home for five hundred monks.


14 Lowamahapaya

This was constructed by King Dutugamunu and located between Ruwanweliseya and Sri Mahabdhiya in the ancient city of Anuradhapura. This massive nine storied building with a height of 150 ft (47 meters) and each side with a 150 feet (46 meters) length.


15 Tissa Wewa

This reservoir was built by king Dewanampiyatissa in order to increase the water supply to his capital city of Anuradhapura.


16 Nuwara Wewa

. It was built around 20 BC and it covers around 12 sq. km.


17 Padhanagara

This place is mainly use for meditation for bikkus.


19 Mirisawatiya Dagaba

Built by great king Dutugamunu around the 2nd century and it is about 120 feet in height.


20 Royal Pleasure Gardens

This was firstly constructed by the king Tissa in 3rd century. Located near the Isurumuni Vihara and Tissa Wewa.


21 Wilpaththu National Park

Wilpaththu National Park is declared as a National Park in 1938 and this park is 1,317 square kilometers situated an hour away from the ancient city of Anuradhapura.


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