Things to do In Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans have a tale to tell about every location they’ve been and every smile they’ve shared.Come with us to our paradisaical island, where we have so much to show you and tell you about because we have everything to share!

Dicover the beauty of Sri Lanka

The island nation of Sri Lanka is nothing short of stunning, with its lovely scenery, stirring mountains, lush green tea fields, and golden beaches. Natural, historical, and cultural landmarks abound in the country, and each one is as stunning as the next. Sri Lanka has everything you need for a perfect vacation, from exotic and immaculate areas rarely explored to spiritual Buddhist monasteries and temples.
Visit Sri Lanka and soak in its splendor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can cancel your trip within two weeks before departure; however, you will be responsible for any cancellation fees imposed by the hotels we’ve booked for you.

We have a flexible policy on cancellations because we know that anything can happen.anything can happen

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Actually, we’re not authorized to do that; but, you can book a tour with a down deposit and subsequently pay the remaining balance.
Can be paid directly to our office upon arrival or to the Tour Guide in accordance with the tour itinerary; in our office, you may pay by USD or Card payment; alternatively, we may arrange for payment in part in advance of your arrival.

Certainly, if you’d want to extend or shorten your trip beyond what’s been described, or if you’d like to switch up the attractions to see to better suit your interests, we’re pleased to compensate your wishes.

Sri Lanka, while being a relatively small island, offers visitors a vast range of activities and sights to see.

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Yes, you can use our Custom tour plan module to create the best travel plan for your budget and preferences. We can also help you arrange hotel reservations and transportation as you want to travel according to your own travel plan, but we recommend you use our Custom travel planning module with our experienced staff to avoid hidden conflicts during your tour.

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Most of our itineraries include free travel insurance; if not, you may choose your own travel insurance.

In tourist areas, most modern hotels, restaurants, and medium-sized to large shops accept credit cards.
Most small shops, cafes, market stalls, and places in remote areas won’t be able to take credit cards, so make sure you have enough cash to cover your expenses when you’re in these places or when you visit smaller vendors.

Yes..!! all non residents need to have a VISA to enter to Sri Lanka. planning a holiday visit, a short business trip or to transit through, needs to apply and obtain an ETA prior to arrival in Sri Lanka.

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Sinharaja forest

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Sri Lankan traditional cuisine is a combination of flavors, spices, and techniques influenced by its