palace king nishshanka malla

Palace Complex of King Nishshanka Malla

Nissanka Malla, also known as Kirti Nissanka and Kalinga Lokesvara was a king of Sri Lanka who ruled the country from 1187 to 1196. He is known for his architectural constructions such as the Nissanka Lata Mandapaya, Hatadage and Rankot Vihara, as well as for the refurbishment of old temples and irrigation tanks. This palace complex is a unique type of building. It contains 8 granite pillars which were used to support a roof. Standing close to the shore of the great man-made lake, the ruins of the palace of King Nissankamalla is less well preserved than those of the Royal Palace, but is pleasantly located. This palace includes a royal bathing pool just south of the palace, and the King’s Council Chamber, where the names of the king’s ministers can be seen carved into the pillars which supported the chamber roof.

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