Parackrama Samudraya

Parakrama Samudraya

August 24, 2018
Parackrama Samudraya

The largest ancient Rainwater Reservoir of the island, Parakrama Samudraya. At 2100 hectares (5600 acres) Waves which sniff the bound declare that it was an inland ocean. Parakrama Samudraya is King Parakramabahu’s crowning achievement. The great reservoir was named after its imperial designer. He imposed a royal order not to waste any water allowing them to flow to the sea not utilizing for human needs and performed his duties in the conformity with that principle. we were able to get pleasure from a panoramic observation of the reservoir, this attracts numerous water birds including cormorants & pelicans and fishermen in their rowboats and women doing their laundry will be a fascinating photograph of a day in the life of Sri Lanka.

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